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On Managing “Creatives”

by | April 18th, 2013

Last week, Mike Montiero shared a Harvard Business Review article that sparked considerable backlash. The article, titled “Seven Rules for Managing Creative-But-Difficult People” (title has been changed from the original “Seven Rules for Managing Creative People”) has amassed over 700 comments. It’s currently the most read and commented article on HBR in the past 30 days.

Little Bird: Find & Connect with Influencers

by | March 29th, 2013

Somebody may have finally figured out the social influence issue. My social influence issue, at least. My issue is that the typical “influencers” — or the ones with all the “Klout” —  are often either inaccessible or not the real audience I am trying to reach. Many influencers have a cast of people who they […]

Great Examples of Web Form Design and Validation

by | February 4th, 2013

The other day Ethan Hackett, Gitamba Saila-Ngita and I were sharing examples of great form validation found around the web. The topic is one I’ve been keeping a close eye on for a while, so I wanted to pass along some thoughts and findings I’ve compiled over time. More importantly, I’d like to continue the discussion and […]

Learning from Social Media’s Biggest Blunders

by | January 11th, 2013

When Tweeting Backfires Every Wednesday, three PINT team members take the lead on researching an interesting web or technology-related topic. They then organize a short 30-minute snack break for a casual presentation and discussion with the larger group. This week Dave (Production), Bryant (Account Services), and Danielle (Project Management) gave a stimulating (and at some […]

Find the Side Door – A Quick Tip for Jobseekers

by | November 20th, 2012

Stand Out. It Makes Interviewing & Hiring Easier. All too often, “Dear jobseeker” posts like this one are born when a hiring manager gets back to their desk after one too many boring or uninspiring interviews. We try to pass the lessons on in the hopes that the next person through the door will blow […]

Movember Week 2 Update: It Gets Fuller

by | November 14th, 2012

Movember Message From MadeMan and Nick Offerman As we near the midway point of Movember, our moustaches are starting to come into their own. What started out as sparse, awkward accents to our upper lips are blooming into full-on monuments of manliness. Hyperbole, you ask? Maybe, but MadeMan and Nick Offerman are here to offer support […]

Movember – Please Help Our Mos Grow!

by | November 8th, 2012

By no means a bland accessory, moustaches (or “mustaches” per the AMI) have defined the faces of history. They’re not exactly the mark of a refined gentleman, but rather the mark of a man with something to say, and the gall to say it. Einstein, Dali and Ron Burgundy — need I say more? Movember […]

Sandy Teaches Lessons in Social Media Etiquette

by | November 2nd, 2012

Twitter: An Impressive Sight in Times of Crisis This week’s historic hurricane was (and still is!) scary to watch unfold. We watched, frightened, as we received reports and videos from our friends and families on the East Coast. The country seemed to bond together, waiting with bated breath while NYU Hospital was evacuated, water poured into […]