Case Study: FEMSA Website Maintenance

Case Study: FEMSA Website Maintenance

For this project, PINT was tasked with improving upon existing website features for our client, FEMSA under a website maintenance agreement. FEMSA a multinational company headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico. They operate the largest independent Coca-Cola bottling group in the world and the biggest convenience store chain in Mexico.

Benefits of Website Maintenance

This particular project for FEMSA is critical as it improves:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • User experience (for both FEMSA employees and consumers)
  • Online marketing efforts

Metatag Module

metatag module updated with website maintenance

FEMSA approached PINT to resolve an issue with their website’s meta tags. They manage their site with the Drupal CMS and use the metatag module. This module enables a site administrator to easily edit the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for any given page. These tags are important for SEO value. They are two on-page indicators that tell Google:

  • The topic of the page
  • The most relevant keywords in the content

There was a bug in the metatag module that required some website maintenance support. Information in the module was overwritten by preset title tags and meta descriptions set-up by a previous developer. Any changes made in the metatag module were not reflected on the live site.

PINT’s development team remedied this issue by enabling the customizable fields in the module to override the preset content. Now FEMSA can fully utilize the module and improve their  SEO for key pages and search terms.


Like many organizations, FEMSA makes certain websites inaccessible to employees via their work computers. In FEMSA’s case, YouTube is not available at work. But this caused a slight issue, since videos present on the website are hosted by YouTube. PINT remediated the issue by installing the Flowplayer HTML5 video plug-in. In tandem with this installation, our team set up a CDN, allowing the videos on the site to be self-hosted.

flowplayer added with website maintenance

PINT chose the Flowplayer HTML5 video plug-in because it’s supported by modern HTML5 browsers. Additionally, it falls back to Flash on older non-HTML5 browsers such as IE8, to ensure a positive user experience on a variety of user devices. The CDN is expected to help improve the performance of video playback.

Social Sharing Buttons

Prior to this project, only offered social sharing buttons on a few pages in the “press” section. Social sharing buttons enable users to share content via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

PINT expanded FEMSA’s content sharing capabilities by adding the social sharing buttons to all pages of the site. This vastly increases the amount of shareable content on the site. This provides an easy avenue for exposure and assists with online marketing efforts and user experience.

social sharing buttons installed with website maintenance

Furthermore, each social sharing icon includes a “ticker” which notes how many times a particular page/content piece has been shared for that particular social media platform. This provides at-a-glance metrics for site owners and users. The principle of social proof suggests more heavily shared content can entice additional users to share it, as well.

Long Term Website Maintenance

With these remediations in place, FEMSA is now in a much better place to see:

  • SEO progress
  • More social media interactions

The next steps for PINT is to monitor FEMSA’s SEO improvements and make recommendations for future improvements.

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