Improving the Web: ZingTouch Mobile Gesture Library

Improving the Web: ZingTouch Mobile Gesture Library

We’re pleased to share an important tool our friends at ZingChart have developed for anyone on the web to use: ZingTouch. It’s a mobile gesture library.

Mobile Gesture Library

ZingTouch provides six standard gestures that are completely customizable. This technology was developed to interact with charts on mobile devices. But the team is sharing it with the world to use in a variety of projects. We can’t wait to see what developers use it to make.

Note: These demos are best viewed on a touch capable device.



See the Pen ZingTouch | Tap Demo by ZingChart (@zingchart) on CodePen.


See the Pen ZingTouch | Rotate by ZingChart (@zingchart) on CodePen.

Pinch and Expand

Zoom in and out of the chart below by pinching and expanding two fingers on the chart itself.

See the Pen ZingTouch | Pinch&Expand by ZingChart (@zingchart) on CodePen.

Pan and Swipe

See the Pen ZingTouch | Bubble Swipe by ZingChart (@zingchart) on CodePen.

You can read all the details about each gesture on the library’s GitHub page. And congrats to the team on this exciting development!

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