Restoring a Site for Environment Restoration

Restoring a Site for Environment Restoration

Dudek extends its redesigned website architecture to Habitat Restoration Sciences to launch

In 2011, PINT partnered with Dudek to redesign to provide an online presence reflecting the firm’s leading position as one of California’s largest environmental consulting firms.  In 2012, PINT worked with Habitat Restoration Sciences, Inc. (HRS), a Dudek company, to create an intuitive website that utilizes the unique look and feel from the Dudek website.

We wanted the Dudek and HRS sites to strengthen our brand image, get information to visitors quickly, and improve our search standings.

– Mark Forster, Dudek Marketing Director

HRS is a native habitat restoration landscape contractor specializing in California’s diverse environment. The firm works with public agencies and private landowners to renew and restore degraded, damaged ecosystems and habitats, most frequently in response to environmental permit requirements.

Information Architecture

PINT’s information architect worked with HRS to develop a user-centered site structure to create the structural foundation for the rest of the site to be built upon.  The site structure is organized to highlight the types of service HRS provides and to showcase its extensive project portfolio.

Information Architecture

Website Redesign

Using HRS’s existing branding as a starting point, PINT’s creative team took the site structure and Dudek’s page layouts, and revised the look and feel for the new website to reflect the HRS brand.  PINT implemented a unique left vertical navigation to distinguish its brand and simplify the navigational experience.  HRS shot new high-res imagery for the site which expands the HRS story.

Old HRS Homepage Homepage Before: Logo, tagline, navigation, thumbnail size imagery, and no content.


New HRS Homepage Homepage After: Logo, tagline, navigation, content, full width professional imagery, and calls to actions.


Old HRS Services Page Services Before: Same thumbnail imagery as on homepage and bullet point list.


New HRS Services Page Services After: Custom banner, developed overview text, cross-linked content, content specific imagery, and calls to actions.


Content Management System and QA

PINT developers coded the designs into HTML templates and implemented them it into the PINT Web Platform (PWP).  The PWP is a flexible content management system built and supported in-house and provides dynamic content solutions.  PINT QA engineers performed extensive unit, system and functional testing as well as cross-browser compatibility testing.

HRS PWP Content Management System: PINT Web Platform (PWP)


Deployment Summary

The Habitat Restoration Science website redesign is dramatic and compelling.  The fresh, keyword-rich content gives the visitor a deeper understanding of the type of work HRS performs.  The high-res imagery satisfies the need for its visual-based visitors to connect with the content and understand the Habitat Restoration Sciences company business strategy.

We’re very pleased with the overall results. The sites are very successful at re-inforcing the quality brand we have established over 32 years, and Web inquiries for new business have increased. The PINT teams insights and responsiveness contributed greatly to the success of our Web projects.

– Mark Forster, Dudek Marketing Director

We’d like to thank Dudek and HRS for continued support throughout our partnership, and congratulate the PINT team on another successful site launch!

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