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PINT Project Launch- MTS Website Redesign


The PINT team creates and builds web projects that exceed our client requirements and delight their users. The “research, strategize, and execute” phases of the MTS website redesign are complete. It is moving into iteration for constant improvements. Such updates will be based on evolving web technology and the conversion behaviors of target audiences.

Here is a screen capture of the refreshed site:

Screenshot of MTS website redesign

The most noticeable differences are updated imagery and more prominent calls to action (CTAs). But the new layout also creates a clean space for the MTS team to feature timely content, such as videos and presentations.

Project Details


Project type: Corporate website redesign

Technologies used: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Google Analytics, jQuery

PINT services:
information architecture icon Information Architecture
design Design
development Development, CMS deployment, Quality Assurance

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Rob McFarlane
By Rob McFarlane
Oct 29th, 2018

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