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PINT’s recent San Diego biotech website redesign presented an opportunity to make exciting updates. The team worked with Neuropore Therapies, Inc. to refresh its website for modern browsing. The resulting updates used visual design and technology improvements to enhance user experience.

Neuropore improves patients’ lives through its development of medicines that stop neurodegeneration. Recently they’ve seen an increase in traffic because of a new partnership.The Neuropore team wanted to redesign their website to make it more appealing to the new visitors. Plus, they expect more exposure opportunities on the horizon.

The redesign helps make what they do more clear to visitors. How was this accomplished? The answer is: in a variety of ways. We explain them more below.

Biotech Website Redesign

  • URL:
  • Project Type: Website Redesign
  • Technologies Used: PWP (PINT Web Platform) Content Management System
  • PINT services: Design, Information Architecture, CMS Implementation, Front-end Development

Homepage Updates


The navigation items were moved to the header of the site for uniformity.


This offers users a clear path to navigate to the site’s key landing pages.


biotech website headline

A key goal of the redesign project was to tell the Neuropore story better. A bold, big headline above the fold succinctly describes the mission of Neuropore. A link below takes users to the “Our Programs” page if they want more detail on Neuropore’s drug discovery efforts.


On the homepage we chose big, bold imagery. These images reflect Neuropore’s commitment to the development of therapeutics to treat neurodegenerative disorders.


Besides more research-centric imagery on the site, PINT added stock images to the “Company” and “Contact” pages. These emphasize the human aspect of those affected by neurodegenerative disorders.

Mega Footer

The mega footer expands on the header navigation.

biotech mega footer

It offers a comprehensive guide to all landing pages on the site. This gives users the freedom to use an uncluttered top navigation.

News Page Updates

Before, the news page presented the full text of the news items. This made it difficult for users to navigate to older news items. Locating a specific article required scrolling through long pages.

news_after news_before

Now, the news page is condensed so the user has a clear overview of all the news items. This is accomplished with a short preview sentence below a link to the full article. Users can now easily navigate through the news section without excessive scrolling.

Explaining Neuropore’s Key Value Proposition

As a biotech website redesign, one thing is especially important in this project. Explaining Neuropore’s programs on the site is important to all the stakeholders and users. PINT developed the “Programs” section of the new site to make Neuropore’s advancements easier for users to see and understand.

pipeline_after pipeline_before

The new page overhauls the paragraphs with links. Now there is a visual pipeline that clearly shows the stage of each drug. Each drug is hyperlinked to its own page for more in-depth details. The pipeline can be updated each time a drug makes it to the next stage of development. It quickly communicates to investors how close Neuropore is to their next advancement.


videos to explain biotech
One other way this site explains Neuropore’s technology and value, is through videos. The Neuropore team worked with a video production vendor and PINT to create videos for the web that would make technical concepts easier to understand.

Continuous Updates

Now that the redesign is live, PINT will continue to work with Neuropore on their biotech website. After more user data is gathered on the redesign, refinements will be made and wish list items will be addressed.

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