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PINT Project Launch - Omnicell Video Game App


The PINT team creates and builds web projects that exceed our client requirements and delight their users. The “research, strategize, and execute” phases of the Omnicell promotional video game app are complete. It is moving into iteration for constant improvements. Updates will be based on evolving web technology and user feedback.

We need app development…

Omnicell’s marketing department reached out to PINT to create a unique, eye-catching element to boost its presence at industry tradeshows: a game. PINT was able to assist the team by generating initial concepts, storyboarding and game design, as well as application development and implementation for use on mobile devices.

idea sketches for video game app

Video game app? Fun!

Omnicell has used the game at tradeshows to stand apart from the competition and to gamify their product-offerings. By integrating their primary product-drivers into a game (in the form of an mobile app), key information and company drivers have been packaged into an engaging experience, which allows for end-user follow ups and further calls-to-action.

Utilizing the concept of an “endless runner” style game, the game is instantly engaging and easy-to-learn, while leaving a lasting impression on some of Omnicell’s key targets.

tradeshow2 tradeshow3 Omnicell video game app at tradeshow

Project Details

Project type: Mobile Application/Game development (public launch: coming soon)

Technologies used: Unity 4, JavaScript, C Sharp

PINT services:

information architecture icondesigndevelopmentmobile app
Planning & Game Mechanics Architecture 3D Design Programming Mobile Development

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