Case Study: UCSD Health Magento Website Development

Case Study: UCSD Health Magento Website Development

  • Client: UCSD Health System Nutrition Services
  • Project Type: Magento Website Development
  • Technologies Used: Magento Community Edition
  • PINT services: CMS Implementation, Module Customization, Front-end Development

University of California – San Diego Health System Nutrition Services (UCSD Health) needed a website for internal tasks. Staff at the La Jolla and Hillcrest locations needed to view and order food menu items online. Before, UCSD Health utilized special campus food service software. They wanted to replace this software with a website on the UCSD internal network. Ideally, the site would be able to handle these tasks and store the related data online.

Magento Website Development Steps

PINT chose Magento Community Edition as the Content Management System (CMS) platform. Choosing a CMS can be a challengeMagento Community Edition was selected because it is a leading cloud-based digital commerce platform. Plus, it fulfills the needs of the proposed user workflow. The proposed user workflow for the UCSD Health site includes the following steps:

  1. User logs in with a unique username and password
  2. User views categories of food and menu items
  3. User selects desired items
  4. User reviews cart
  5. User places order
  6. A “thank you for your order” email is then sent to user
  7. User also receives an order confirmation email

PINT interviewed key stakeholders to map out this expected functionality and user workflow.

Choosing a Magento Website Template

The next step was to decide how the site should look. When the project was initially designed, the UCSD Health team knew they would perform content population. Meaning, they would populate the digital storefront with the desired menu items. As a result, PINT suggested a pre-existing Magento template. This would suit the needs of the project and help keep it within UCSD Health’s budget.

PINT researched several templates and provided UCSD Health with options. Each option would offer the desired functionality, but had slight differences. After reviewing these options, the UCSD Health team chose the “Coffee Aroma Magento Template.” The choice was based on design appeal. This template also used format that would allow UCSD Health to easily swap out menu items.

template for magento website development

PINT developers then implemented the template programmatically within Magento. During the process they ensured that the expected functionality was in place. The store was also customized to include the logo for UCSD Health.

Magento Training

With the basic functionality in place, the next step was training. PINT staff were made available to train the UCSD Health team on how to use the platform and customize menu items. PINT developers used GoToMeeting to train Key UCSD stakeholders on the Magento platform. More training sessions may be scheduled, should they be necessary.

More Magento Website Development Work

As this part of the project is ready for client review, the team is considering next steps. Future work for the UCSD Health System Nutrition Services website may be completed by PINT under a maintenance agreement. Wish list items include functionality within the checkout feature. In particular, the team wants to add additional line items for service charges and other costs.

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