BioQuiddity Website Redesign Yields BioQ Pharma

BioQuiddity Website Redesign Yields BioQ Pharma

BioQuiddity is a San Francisco-based, late stage specialty pharmaceutical company. They came to PINT, Inc. to work on a redesign that included some major updates, including a new name: BioQ Pharma. PINT helped the BioQ  Pharma team redesign their site to showcase their unique products: unit-dose systems for a specialized portfolio of infusible pharmaceuticals.

While BioQ Pharma’s product may sound complicated, it is actually straightforward. They allow doctors to safely deliver medicine to patients. Their website redesign project was similarly straightforward.

Website Redesign Details

The project began on strong footing, when the client came to the project with key redesign wishes in-hand. They included concepts and specifics, such as:

  • Professional/conservative design geared toward medical professionals
  • Clean style, with large images, large text, strong messaging
  • Messaging and design focused on presenting the product and the company as trustworthy, consistent, and solid to businesses and doctors

Redesign Goals

With a clear list of wishes, PINT set to work setting up the goals for the project. They would include:

New Navigation

PINT’s Information Architect revised the sitemap and navigation of the site to make it easy to use, as well as accommodate future growth in content.

old navigation  redesign navigation

With the new website, BioQ decided to update their name as well. They officially changed from BioQuiddity to BioQ Pharma. That name change meant a new website domain name was also in order. When the new website launched, PINT updated the DNS for the old domain to make it an alias to (the new primary domain). That way anyone who still tried to access would still find the right site.

Additionally, individual pages within the old site need to have their paths redirect (with a 301 permanent redirect) to the proper location on the new site. For example, should redirect to This allows for any previously existing inbound links to still direct traffic to the proper content. With Google Webmaster Tools, PINT is working with the BioQ Pharma team to find any additional links to on the web. That way, BioQ Pharma can try and outreach to the linking site to update the URL to an appropriate page on the new site. This will help with search engine optimization (SEO) as well as user experience.

One final touch for returning visitors who may be confused about the new name is a visual “bug” that appears on the homepage.


This message appears when users visit the homepage to let them know they are in the right place if they were looking for Bioquiddity.

Updated Style and Design

PINT’s Visual Designer revamped the look and feel of the site to align with the BioQ Pharma teams wishes.

bioquiddity before redesign bioq redesign homepage

BioQ Pharma also came to the project with a willingness to obtain custom photographs of their products. Custom photos help to bring a professional look to a site in a way that iPhone snapshots can only come close to replicating.

iphone photos  custom photography

Stock photos, when utilized, were comprehensively researched to best fit the new, doctor-oriented focus for the site.

stock photos before  new stock photos

Another new design feature in the redesign project is the pipeline graphic. The BioQ Pharma team wanted to make sure the pipeline was included so they could easily show how many products they are developing and the production stage for each product (separated by different regions worldwide). 

“The product pipeline is a great way for interested visitors to quickly and easily understand when BioQ Pharma’s products will be available.”

Geordie Dudley, PINT Project Manager

product pipeline web page screenshot

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

PINT’s production team coded the site so that it is usable for visitors on a variety of devices. Using responsive web design helps to eliminate unnecessary scrolling and/or zooming for users on laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

before after responsive redesign

A Redesign to Last for Years to Come

This redesign project was planned to meet the BioQ Pharma team’s needs and wishes. However, the new navigation, updated styling, and responsive features ensure this redesign will accommodate the company for years to come, even as they add more products, content, and other features.

Want to built a site to last for your organization? We love coming up with ideas. Email us to get the brainstorming started.

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