Digital Marketing for Health Kitchen Washoku

In this digital marketing project, PINT created landing pages, managed SEM and social campaigns, and built email marketing campaigns for Health Kitchen Washoku. ...

Apr 2nd / By Steffani Bolhofner

Smart Kitchen Ecommerce Optimization

PINT improved the efficiency and costs associated with Smart Kitchen’s online payment processing and promo offerings, fixed errors, and improved UX. ...

Mar 29th / By Julian Dutton

Quartus Engineering Redesign

PINT designed and developed a user-centric website for Quartus Engineering that appealed to both potential clients and potential employees. ...

Mar 15th / By Charlie Scala

SteadyMed Therapeutics Progressive Web App

PINT worked with SteadyMed Therapeutics, Inc. to redesign and refactor its site as a Progressive Web App with a more prominent focus on its primary offerings. ...

Feb 14th / By Alexis Shen

HST App Refresh: HSTConnect

PINT completed an app refresh for HSTConnect which provides HST’s clients with 24/7 access to pricing information for healthcare services along with key health plan information. The app ...

Jan 30th / By Natasha Lasensky

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