Glaukos had a 22% increase in organic search traffic and a 67% increase in form submissions through PINT’s initial round of search engine optimizations over a three-month time period. ...

Steffani Bolhofner
By Steffani Bolhofner
Aug 11

Automated visual regression testing can save you time and cost by reducing manual processes, increasing agility, and helping find visual UI errors faster. ...

Christopher Jensen
By Christopher Jensen
Jul 15

Use this review and comparison of Visual Regression Testing, Record and Playback Testing, and Scripting Testing tools to help you find the right combination of automated testing tools. ...

Kirsten Van Langenhoven
By Kirsten Van Langenhoven
Apr 8

Read some of the ways we’re working to keep everyone updated on projects and tasks, as well as foster community in our workplace and keep everyone engaged while remote. ...

Steffani Bolhofner
By Steffani Bolhofner
Mar 27

Our three-step guide highlights the fundamental considerations that seem to often get overlooked in online discussions about user feedback. ...

Sarah Hibner
By Sarah Hibner
Feb 25

Get an overview of ten dangerous web vulnerabilities including injection attacks (often during form submission), cross-site scripting, and brute force. ...

Chris Coley
By Chris Coley
Nov 26

Testing is a crucial part of any web development and maintenance workflow. Get to know the basics of automated testing with visual regression testing, record and playback testing, and scripting testing. ...

Kirsten Van Langenhoven
By Kirsten Van Langenhoven
Sep 30

PINT used responsive website design and optimized website performance to help with SEO and mobile goal conversions resulting in a 27% goal conversion increase for Active Motif. ...

Natasha Lasensky
By Natasha Lasensky
Aug 21

User personas are built from research and help designers and marketers create a product or experience that aligns with their users' needs. ...

Annie Devine
By Annie Devine
Jul 30

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