Jackson Square Aviation Website Redesign

by | February 20th, 2015

PINT, Inc. recently launched a website redesign for Jackson Square Aviation. JSA is a full-service aircraft leasing company with offices around the world. They recently teamed up with their long time web maintenance partners at PINT to refresh their web presence and help with website lead generation.

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Omincell Website Redesign

by | February 17th, 2015

PINT recently launched a website redesign for Omnicell, Inc. Omnicell is a San Francisco bay-area healthcare firm specializing in improving the medication and hospital supply distribution process. As long time partners, PINT and Omnicell have been working together for years to use the web to tell Omnicell’s potential customers about the value the company brings to organizations with which it works. This redesign was an opportunity to bring one of Omnicell’s biggest developments, Unity, to the forefront of their web presence.

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Mirati Therapeutics Website Redesign

by | February 2nd, 2015

PINT recently launched a website redesign for Mirati Therapeutics, a San Diego biotech firm specializing in precision personalized medicine for the treatment of cancer. This project is a prime example of PINT’s  “research, strategize, and execute” process. The project began with a brief discovery phase, moved into design and implementation, and is now ready for continuous improvements over time. The journey through this process proved to be an excellent exercise in teamwork between PINT, Mirati, and their communications firm.

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