Accessibility on the Modern Web

There’s been a lot of buzz in the news lately about accessibility, specifically in reference to the dozens of ADA lawsuits that seem to be more and more...


Automated Visual Regression Testing

What is automated visual regression testing? The name sounds scary, but in reality, the idea is fairly simple. If you have a user interface (UI),...


Automated Testing Tool Comparisons

Automated testing is rapidly gaining popularity across the web development field, and as expected, the number of automated testing tools is growing rapidly as well....


10 Dangerous Web Vulnerabilities

1. Injection Injection attacks attempt to use application code to access or corrupt a database, network configuration, or operating system content. Typically, injection attacks are...


Automated Testing for the Web

As the web grows more complex and dynamic, the need for testing grows as well. However, testing often suffers from a lack of prioritization, accountability,...


Static Site vs CMS Site

When PINT begins a web development project with a client, a major decision must be made: what type of website are we building? In addition...


How to Actually Execute on Your Digital Product Strategy: Use Gap Analysis

Why do we need gap analysis? Performing a gap analysis is increasingly important as barriers to entry in more marketplaces are decreasing and rivalry among...

Case Studies

Designing for Digital and Print

Overview Telling your company’s story is more than the words you say. It’s the way you make people feel – regardless of where and how...


All The Tests: PINT’s Overview of Web Testing

At PINT, we are committed to efficiently, effectively, and thoroughly testing our work, whether the product is a simple brochure site or an enterprise B2B...

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