Jumpcode Genomics Case Study

Jumpcode Genomics Case Study

Project Summary

PINT completed a full website redesign project with Jumpcode Genomics. The project started with many in-depth stakeholder interviews to deeply understand end-user needs and tie those to actionable goals. The end result was a fully redesigned, marketing-optimized website that supported lead generation goals and was built on a scalable platform for future company growth.

Client Overview

Jumpcode Genomics was started by a former Illumina team of executives focused on breaking the technical barriers limiting genomics today. The company’s patented technology unlocks the power of next-generation sequencing. Scientists around the world use Jumpcode’s CRISPRclean technology to study infectious disease, oncology, and consumer genomics.

ClientJumpcode Genomics
Location: San Diego
Industry: Biotech
PINT Services: Stakeholder and End User Interviews, Information Architecture, Funnel Mapping, Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics Goals and Events, E-commerce Integration, Web Hosting, Cross Browser Testing


The previous iteration of the Jumpcode Genomics website served its purpose in the early days of the company’s development, but wasn’t optimized to meet the future growth targets of the company. The backend and hosting environment needed to be more stable and the front end was in need of rearchitecture and redesign to better meet the needs of Jumpcode’s target customers. Additionally, keywords needed to be researched and optimized so that Jumpcode’s message would reach its intended audience. As a startup in a niche industry, education was an important part of the sales process, and this was a key component that we focused on.


PINT started its discovery process with stakeholder interview sessions designed to elicit end-user needs that we could then tie to marketing goals and site activities. Once these were understood, PINT created funnel maps for successful journeys for Jumpcode’s key audience groups. These funnel maps showed intended journeys for each type of audience group to illustrate what content would be needed on each page and which calls to action helped them to their final conversion point.

PINT also conducted keyword research to determine an organic ranking strategy for relevant keywords that lead the target audience into these funnels. This keyword research could then be used throughout the content creation process ensuring that it would be optimized for search engines.

Once the stakeholder interviews and funnel maps were complete, PINT’s information architecture team designed low-fidelity wireframes to convey the new, UX-optimized layout. The PINT team then got together with JumpCode to work through the new branding and messaging to determine how to best translate that to the website. Next high fidelity design comps were created in Figma to bring new brand elements Jumpcode Genomics had done to life.

A MacBook laptop and iPhone showing various screen sizes of the Jumpcode Genomics website.

Lastly, the site was constructed in an environment optimized for ideal performance and security and the code was written to be highly performant for end users and scalable for future Jumpcode Genomics growth.


The stakeholders we worked with at Jumpcode Genomics were inspired by the look and feel of the new website and the new site is helping the marketing team meet its lead generation goals.

The project had this analytical orientation from the start as subject matter experts were consulted in the beginning and analytics were instrumented to be able to track KPIs over time. Because of the keyword research and SEO done in the project, the site is seeing very large increases in both organic search and downloads as noted below:

  • 80% increase in organic search traffic
  • 58% increase in downloads

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