ZOLL Data Systems Case Study

ZOLL Data Systems Case Study

Project Summary

In 2024, PINT and ZOLL Data Systems completed a project to redesign the ZOLL Data Systems website. The project originated from a desire to redesign the site to adhere to new corporate branding. PINT and ZOLL Data Systems also used the project as an opportunity to implement measures that would help improve conversion rate optimization such as improving website performance, usability, and calls to action. A final goal of the project that was achieved was making the site more modular and easier for the ZOLL Data Systems team to update. 

Client Overview

ZOLL Data Systems provides software and data solutions that empower EMS, fire, and healthcare industries to deliver more — from better patient outcomes to operational efficiencies and greater revenue capture.

Client: ZOLL Data Systems

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Industry: Software Development

PINT Services: UX/UI, Information Architecture, Design, Digital Consulting, Front-end Development, Quality Assurance, Marketing

Technology: Hubspot


The primary challenges of this project were: 

  • Implementing a newly designed site that matched the new corporate branding 
  • Improving the end-user experience and conversion rate optimization for prospective ZOLL Data Systems customers
  • Making the site easier for the ZOLL Data Systems team to update


PINT assisted ZOLL Data Systems with a complete overhaul of its website, including a site restructure, visual design to accommodate the new branding, web development, testing (browser, device, and user testing), and deployment. A major upgrade that came with this redesign is the use of component modules in the CMS for the ZOLL Data Systems team allowing the team the flexibility to implement updates easily. Below are four key components of the solution that PINT built into ZOLL Data Systems’ redesigned website.

Updated Design

PINT implemented the new design that matched the new corporate branding and improved the user experience for ZOLL Data Systems prospective customers. The corporate brand update dictated some guidelines around design treatments and PINT created new designs in Figma for the ZOLL Data Systems website that adhered to the brand guidelines. During the design process, PINT and the ZOLL Data Systems teams focused on making design modifications that would appeal to new prospective customers and other key audience groups.

Improved Performance 

PINT built the new site according to modern web standards with an eye towards best practices that would improve performance. The site was benchmarked before and after the project and these measures worked as the site is now significantly faster as shown below in the “Results” section. Tools used to benchmark the site before and after launch included Calibre,, Google Lighthouse, and GT Metrix.

Component Modules

PINT collaborated with the ZOLL Data Systems team to create over twenty different component modules that can be leveraged across the website to communicate the content with the end user. PINT developed these component modules, integrating them to the Hubspot CMS. Each component has its own functionality and can be used interchangeably. Since developing these component modules, the ZOLL Data Systems team can drag and drop components and fill them with content to be displayed on the website. The ZOLL Data Systems team will now be able to make changes to stylistic elements that are A/B tested such as content blocks, color, call-to-action buttons, and more with these new modules in place.

Fluid Typography

The website was built using modern, fluid typography practices, rather than traditional breakpoint thinking. Fluid typography is a responsive typography technique that scales automatically across screen sizes – from large desktops down to mobile devices delivering a great experience for the end-user. 

Fluid typography scales smoothly between the minimum and maximum set values depending on the viewport, but it will always try to set to the preferred (fluid) value if possible. Once it reaches the minimum or maximum value, it will maintain the constant value from there on.


The redesigned site was completed in mid March of 2024. The new website featured updates to visual designs, usability improvements, and simplified messaging. For the month after launch, the site has seen a 20.02% increase in users in comparison to a month prior to the launch. Users are more engaged in the site content since launch, with form submissions increasing by 24.10%. 

In addition to these analytics wins for end users, the ZOLL Data Systems content contributors are extremely happy with the modular nature of the backend and the ease of use improvements made for content updates. Website components are now easily interchangeable and replicable compared to the rigid structure of the old site that PINT inherited that was not user friendly for the ZOLL Data Systems team. 

Website performance has also improved. The GTMetrix grades shown below demonstrate a significant increase in page speed, an important user experience metric.

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