Client Appreciation at PINT

Client Appreciation at PINT

One of our goals at PINT this year has been to ensure best-in-class client service. This effort was punctuated with a client appreciation event last week. Here’s how it went.

The event was held on Thursday, November 3 at Ballast Point Brewery in San Diego. PINT clients from the San Diego area, the Bay Area, and even as far as Mexico City attended.

The event was attended by representatives from about 20 different PINT client companies. PINT’s founder and CEO, Thomas Powell headed up a group of staff to join these clients over craft beers and snacks. They included:

  • Creative Director Rob McFarlane
  • Technical Director Jimmy Tam
  • VP/General Manager Eric Samuelson
  • Solutions Architect Joe Lima
  • User Experience Designer Carrie Nusbaum
  • Account Manager Charlie Scala
  • Account Manager Julian Dutton
  • Product Manager Tawnya Bordalo
  • Project Manager Josh Lopez
  • Marketing Specialist Merrily Tipton
  • Project Manager Brian Carver
  • Project Manager Alexis Shen

Here are some photos from the event, as well.

img_17451 img_1746 img_1744 img_1743 img_1740 img_1739 img_1738 img_1737 img_1736 img_1734 img_1733 img_1732 img_1731 img_1730 img_1729 img_1728 img_1727 img_1726 img_1724 pumpkin

The PINT team would like to take this opportunity to thank all clients, including those who could not attend, for their partnership. We look forward to thanking you in person the next time we meet.

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