PINT Welcomes Geordie Dudley, Project Manager


PINT, Inc. is pleased to announce a new Project Manager on our team: Geordie Dudley.

Geordie is a native-San Diegan whose love of tech and websites led him into the field of project management. When he combined his understanding of tech with an eye for design, client communication skills, and team leadership abilities, he became a web project manager extraordinaire.

When he’s not at PINT, the University of California- Santa Cruz alum can be found indoors and out: he enjoys photography, film, and reading. But he also likes camping and swimming.

geordie and his brother Geordie and his brother.

If you find yourself working on a project with Geordie at PINT, be sure to ask him all the questions you have about spreadsheets and Google Analytics. Or to make him really happy, send him the following gif:

redford gif

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