Is Mobile Internet going to take over? .... Again?

Is Mobile Internet going to take over? …. Again?

With CES happening earlier this month, discussions of the latest “smart phone/device” and how the new device will enhance Mobile Internet is back in everyone’s mind.  Take a look at some of these articles:

So is 2009 finally going to be the year where Mobile Internet surpass the typical “Desktop Internet”?

Consider this:

  • There are many more mobile devices in the world than desktop PCs (and probably laptops combined).
  • Newer devices are more and more behaving like PCs (Web browsing, documents, images, video, etc).
  • Prices are more affordable for these smart phones.
  • Teens use their phone more than ever (79% of all teens have a mobile device).
  • Most (if not all) carriers are now offering unlimited data and messaging plans.

So what’s the hold up? Besides the economy, maybe there isn’t one :).

At PINT, more than ever we are creating mobile sites for our clients.

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