Merry Making at PINT

Merry Making at PINT

This year, PINT staff have had several opportunities to celebrate the holidays with one another. Here are some of the ways we’re making merry at the end of 2016.

Kick Off Meeting for the Merry Making Project

We started off December with a festive holiday party at Pueblo in Pacific Beach. Our bosses were generous with the libations and dancing!

holiday party at PINT party at PINT party at PINT party at PINT party at PINT Inc. holiday party at PINT Inc.   holiday party at PINT Inc. holiday party at PINT Inc.

Recurring Merry-Making Meetings

Our GM even set up a 12 days of Christmas plan to sprinkle joy around the office. One day we all picked little gifts out of a stocking. Some looked a bit merrier than others.

2017 merry making at pint

Temporary Redesign

Each floor also took part in decorating their part of the office, from the “biz dev cave” to the reception area.

pint office december 2017pint office december 2017pint office december 2017

Group Research

Later this week we will also keep the annual PINT tradition of a white elephant gift exchange and cookie exchange. This year it is sure to be different with several first-time participants and a few vegan cookie recipes in the mix.

Post-Launch Plans

We’re also working to get several web development projects live after the holiday festivities. We can’t wait to show you what our “elves” have going in the workshop!

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