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Wrist Strap

This product just delivered one of the best purchase and “unboxing” experiences I’ve seen in a long time. No, not the iPhone5. A wrist strap.

The Little Things That Get You Noticed

A week or two ago our Creative Director Rob sent me a link to this iPhone wrist strap on He knew I’d get a kick out of the “add to cart” interactivity and some of the other interaction on the site. It doesn’t take long to realize how much attention Photojojo gives to the little details. Browsing the site is actually a fun experience, not just a means to an end.

Delivering a Consistent Brand Experience

Rob ordered the strap to be able to secure his phone during upcoming travels. What came in the mail was not just a phone strap. It was an experience, delivered from none other than “Photojojo <3s You” somewhere in South Dakota. It also echoed and maybe even one-upped the online experience to drive home the Photojojo personality. Check out some of the touches that make this experience unique:

Return address from “Photojojo <3s You!”

They included a toy dinosaur. They also added it to the invoice as “RAWRR!”

It’s “Just a Phone Strap!”

A phone strap. You can probably buy the same thing plenty of places online and off. The Photojojo strap may be a little bit better, or not quite as good as other products on the market, but trying to compete in the phone accessory market by being “better” is surely an uphill battle. That’s why Photojojo isn’t selling phone straps. They’re selling “The most marvelous stupendous outrageous fantabulous prodigious tremendous photography curiosities on earth.”

That’s why this blog post isn’t about selling products or services. It’s about selling experiences.

What experiences are you selling?

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