Super Bowl ads or Super Bowl marketing campaigns?

Super Bowl ads or Super Bowl marketing campaigns?

During these economic times you will probably see a different tone in Super Bowl ads this year.  More ads will probably try and make you forget that you have not been able to make credit card payments or car payments.  For example Coca-Cola is mounting an entire campaign this year called “Open Happiness.” Meaning when you pop that can open, you know, let a little comfort into your lives.  The usual big companies do have the money, but some have literally been asking their employees to take pay cuts and or are laying off people, and they just felt PR-wise they couldn’t do it this year.

What we will see this year are more integrated campaigns.  Companies are really trying to explore with different technologies to get more out of their marketing dollars.  Each second is valued at $100,000 , therefore a 30 second ad will be $3 million.  In order to get more for their buck companies will have a full marketing digital strategy supporting their ad.  Some of the “supporting technologies” you will for sure see are:

  • Mobile sites (probably a few iPhone Apps)
  • Pages and ads promoted on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Increase budgets for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
  • Micro sites
  • Blogs
  • Videos on YouTube
  • TV shows online
Some companies will be using all of the above and those in my opinion will be the ones getting more value out of every dollar.  Just like we tell our clients, people like to navigate a site in different ways (through search, through site map, audience navigation, wizards or tutorials, etc).  In this case, people will access information differently and the successful companies will have all options available.
Let’s see which company takes advantage of the $3 million spent on a 30 second ad this weekend.

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