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Web Site Optimization Book Lands

Thomas Powell

You can always make your Web site better. I guess I should call that King’s Law since my occasional co-hort Andy King certainly believes it to be true.  To support this belief just this week Andy released an exciting new book published by O’Reilly entitled Web Site Optimization.

Web Site Optimization

Now I am not just plugging for a friend here, I had a direct hand in this effort writing the Ajax Optimization chapter (read it and see). I can say this book has some great material well beyond my efforts.  Obviously my interest in Ajax which is certainly an emerging and increasingly important part of modern sites is obvious. I think the Ajax optimization topic is well covered here and contains some details not covered in my main Ajax book. Yet don’t take my involvement to suggest that this book is solely a Web performance book, it’s much much more.  For Andy optimization is about far more than speed but performance in findability and navigation, organic search, PPC, and more.  He’s right, speed may kill sites but so does a lack of traffic.  So head over to Amazon and pick up a copy or take a look at a few of the secrets we provide freely.


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