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PINT Project Launch – SteadyMed Website Redesign

in Case Studies by | October 20th, 2014 | No Comments

redesign of steadymed homepage

The PINT team creates and builds web projects that exceed our client requirements and delight their users. The “research, strategize, and execute” phases of the SteadyMed Therapeutics website redesign project are complete. It is moving into iteration for constant improvements. Updates will be based on evolving web technology and target audience behaviors, and include changes in content, size and positioning, and more.

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The Pitfalls of Browser Perceptions

in Analytics, Technical by | September 19th, 2014 | No Comments

boxing gloves to fight over which browser is better

“Which browser do you use?”

After the past twenty years of “browser wars,” this is a loaded question intended to stuff individuals into neat little cubbyholes:

  • Is your customer platform-loyal?
  • Is your coworker appropriately concerned about security?
  • Is your Grandma’s browser unable to handle the video element or is it time to take her to the Optometrist again?

There are plenty of reasons (good and bad) to ask the question. However, drawing a useful conclusion from answers is tricky. They can be based on anecdotal information, outdated experiences, or personal bias.

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Why You Should Care About Bots

in Web Security, Web Tools by | August 29th, 2014 | No Comments

photo of ant - ants and bots are similiar

Ants and spam bots share some traits in common. Both work in groups, and both relay information to each other about the location of a food source. In both cases, you usually have what they want. However, unlike ants, bots do more than annoy: they leave malicious spam links, and more.

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