The Design of Everyday Things: Chapters 1-3

A list of must-read books is always a contentious offering. Every year we get fresh judgments from critics listing essential tomes across a variety of...


Is Enterprise Chat Good for Business?

Coke or Pepsi?Mac or PC?Slack or HipChat? If you have immediate responses to all three questions, you probably work for an organization on the avant...


Managing SaaS Accounts in an Organization

Systems Administrators have it tough. Go up and shout it from the rooftops: SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATORS HAVE IT TOUGH!!! When they’re not making sure that your...


Star Wars and Web Development?

The anticipation is peaking, and the galaxy is waiting for the premiere of the salvation-of-the-Star-Wars-series installment from JJ Abrams: The Force Awakens. No matter your...


Games We Play: Gamification in the Office Hiring Process

Have you ever been part of a recruiting and hiring process? This scenario may sound familiar: A face-to-face interview with an impressive candidate leaves you...


Kudos: Employee Recognition at a Web Development Agency

The word “kudos” comes from ancient Greece and means “glory.” And even though there is an S at the end of the word, kudos is...


Life After Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) web browser used to dominate how the web was viewed. Now it is one of many options people use for browsing the...


The Pitfalls of Browser Perceptions

“Which browser do you use?” After the past twenty years of “browser wars,” this is a loaded question intended to stuff individuals into neat little...


Successful Project Management in Web Development

Project management is a key part of the web development process at PINT. You have probably heard of some of the more obvious parts of...

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