Google ABCs

Thomas Powell

Google is the modern day Oracle of Delphi.   Ask Google something and it tells you the answer, or at least that is how we Web commoners tend to think.  If so let’s start with the basics, the things my three year old son needs to learn…the A,B,Cs.

Of course your queries may vary, where you are from what you search and of course if people want to game this thing who knows what you might see so tread carefully if you try the live links otherwise read what it said when we tried it complete with a weak rhyme to make it fun.


Google says…

A is for < a > tags to make Web hyperlinks.

B is Wikipedia for letter B but with 4chan wait and see.

C is for Citigroup but C programming is hot.

D is a programming language nobody knows with Democratic party hot on its toes.

E is for E! for all your gossip needs, but text editors and physics can please.

F is for Ford Motor company whose got quite a hold.

G is the gravitational constant 6.67300 × 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2 or Gmail for emailers who want it.

H is Planck’s constant = 6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s but the Wikipedia’s letter H wants it.

I is a vowel but Itunes is on the number one prowel.

J is a letter you know, or a programming language or a the singer J Lo.

K is letter that is no fake, it could also be degrees Kelvin or Kellogs corn flakes.

L is for the letter L or Carl Linnaeus who you might not know.

M is for the letter or Metre, for now until M&M’s pay its SEO fees.

N is for Nitrogen or some free action game.

O is for Oprah’s Magazine or Cirque du Soleli.

P is a letter and HTML’s paragraph tag.

Q is a Qwest telecomm, a letter or a friend to a spy named Bond.

R is the project for statistical computing or yet another progmmaing language rarely seen.

S is for MySpace a place for Friends or Craiglists with ad never ends.

T is for AT&T whose stock symbol is that or a bureau for travel in Boston on tracks.

U is 1 UNIT = 4.44500 centimeters in a computer rack.

V is for Visa accepted everywhere, not the letter nor alien lizard shows so there.

W is for George Bush’s movie or a magazine for Women.

X is for a punk band from LA, what else?

Y is for Yahoo or at least its e-mail.

Z is the just letter Z or some alternative magazine we’ve never seen.

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