Major Update to PINT's Web CMS

Josh Lopez

Did you know PINT actively develops a proprietary Web Content Management System (CMS)? It is called the PWP, or PINT Web Platform. We began developing the first version over 13 years ago. And we’re excited to share some recent improvements to the fifth major version of our web CMS.

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It has been a while since we blogged about our own web CMS. And with all the improvements we’ve been making, an update is definitely in order.

What’s New in Our Web CMS?

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The latest version of the PWP is currently in use by a few PINT clients. They are enjoying new features and improvements, including:

  • Global modules
    With global modules, you can share custom features across multiple sites.
  • Enhanced user permissions
    We’ve fleshed out the user roles and developed custom permission levels.
  • Better system performance
    Our developers improved publishing speeds and app navigation and added SFTP publishing.

We Kept Some Unique CMS Features

Despite all these updates, PWP 5.0 will still look familiar to most users. The UI (user interface) has not changed much. And we retained some of the elements that make the PWP so powerful. These include:

  • Multisite support
  • Static publishing
  • Template management

Future Updates To Come…

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PWP 5.0 is a big accomplishment for our team for some of the technical upgrades it required. But that does not mean we are done until 6.0. In fact, this team has become PWP champions. As champs, they are currently working on some additional features, such as:

  • A blog module and other helpful modules
  • Scheduled jobs for publishing, such as flash sales, announcements, holiday themes, and more
  • IDE integration with Webstorm

Is PWP the Right CMS For You?

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Upgrading to the latest version of the PWP is a bit more complicated than the flick of a switch. For that reason, we’re recommending it to companies for whom the PWP is a good fit and who are also considering a redesign. We’d be happy to help you weigh your options to see if the PWP make sense for your site. Simply drop us a line.

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