PINT Welcomes Brian Carver, Jr. Project Manager


PINT welcomes Brian Carver to our San Diego web development team as a Junior Project Manager.

PINT, Inc. is pleased to announce a new PM on our team: Brian Carver.

Brian is originally from Yucaipa, California, a small town in Southern California’s Inland Empire. He will be working with PINT clients on maintenance tickets and coordinating these jobs with our production team. “I’m looking forward to working on new and existing processes to improve workflow and productivity at PINT,” says Carver. “That way, we can provide our clients with the best products and services possible.”

With a BA in Journalism from San Diego State University, Brian comes to PINT with some unique experience. He has worked in the local news industry, as well as on website development and search engine optimization (SEO). He brings a deep and nuanced understanding of website user behavior and how websites and search engines are utilized.

At PINT, Brian frequently visits our conference rooms to conduct conference calls with clients. Around town, however, is another story: look for him in the local music scene. Brian’s hobby is making, playing, and recording music. He sings and plays guitar, bass, drums and piano.

Brian is also an avid record collector (yes, the old vinyl records) with an extensive and eclectic collection. He recommends The Onion AV Club as his online music (and pop content) website of choice.

brian carver project manager

Welcome, Brian!

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