PINT Welcomes Kyra Dorsey, Quality Assurance Manager


PINT, Inc. is pleased to announce a new Quality Assurance Manager on our team: Kyra Dorsey.

Kyra is originally from Kansas, and comes to PINT to help our QA process and policy across the board. She will be working on establishing specific QA processes at our web development agency in order to unify all our different testing efforts.

Kyra has always worn many hats in her previous roles, and came to specialize in QA by creating and managing the QA department at her last company.

You might see Kyra around town in San Diego visiting the newest sushi joint, or she might be hiding out at home playing video games. Here at PINT, we’ll be excited to get to know her via the questions and posts she upvotes on Stack Overflow and Hacker News.

Welcome, Kyra!
kyra dorsey PINT quality assurance manager

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