PINT's 1st Annual "Hack & Slash" Golf Outing


“You may not want to quit your day job!”

PINT staffers headed over to the Mission Bay Golf Course on Friday for an afternoon of team building. A spectrum of golf skills were on display, and now some photos from the event are, too.

PINT at the golf courseJeff from ZingChart starts things off.
PINT at the golf courseTechnical Director Jimmy Tam taking a practice swing.
PINT at the golf courseLook at the bend on Andrew Sanicola’s club – crazy!
PINT at the golf courseBryant Walker from Account Management – this golf thing was his idea!
PINT at the golf courseRigie Chang looks for the ball like he looks for bugs in code.
PINT at the golf courseSolutions Architect Joe Lima with a beautiful follow through.
PINT at the golf courseA few triumphant members of the PINT team.

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