Post 1.0 - The PINT Blog Lives


logo_pint2.gifSo PINT has a blog. What is the goal here? Is it a corporate mouthpiece ready to spew out the latest service offering or site launch? Or maybe it is a way to share interesting thinking from within the company about Web development? We aim for the latter, but we hope you realize that we do everything to stay in business as well so there will be the occasional shameless plug. We promise not to do that very often and will make sure such a post carries the appropriate disclaimer.

With the general direction plotted do we actually have a course for this space? Actually we do. Before starting this effort we sat down a few times and devised an editorial policy, schedule and general blogging manifesto. It is something that everyone who is serious about publishing on the Web (be it a newsletter, site, or ongoing blog) ought to do, and so we did.

Some of our key goals

  • Publish in a predictable manner every day
  • Generate new content for primary posts even when commenting on other posts from around the blogosphere
  • Secondary posts can aggregate and editorialize but aim for value add in all cases
  • Focus on education first, promotion second if at all
  • Keep sarcasm to a minimum but be entertaining
  • Always listen to readers but don’t guide content based solely on popularity
  • Be willing to change

There is quite a bit more to it with editorial assignments, schedules, and small details but the basic point is before you and outlines what we feel is an effective plan for this site. We look forward to continuing this conversation with you, our readers, and thank you for visiting.

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