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Project: Skylight Online ROI Calculator


The PINT team creates and builds web projects that exceed our client requirements and delight their users. The “research, strategize, and execute” phases of Skylight Healthcare online ROI calculator implementation are complete. It is moving into iteration for constant improvements. Updates will be based on evolving web technology and target audience behaviors, and include changes in size, position, and colors.

PINT helps Skylight save users time and money

What is a clear way to show potential customers the financial benefits of using their Skylight services in a quick, user-friendly manner? PINT worked with Skylight to develop a solution: a return on investment (ROI) calculator.

screen shot of online roi calculator box

It allows users to compare their HCAHPS scores against a baseline score, as well as what their hospital’s score would be with Skylight’s hospital efficiency software in place.

screenshot of savings display

How the online ROI Calculator works

The calculator makes API calls to and then plots the scores on an easy-to-read chart using ZingChart. Doing these calculations manually would be complex and labor intensive, but this ROI calculator makes it a quick 5 minute process. Finally, the calculator returns the monetary value of using Skylight by showing the dollar amount a hospital could gain by utilizing Skylight software.

data visualization results page screenshot

PINT implemented this page design, which includes a data visualization of the scores. The visualization was made with ZingChart, a JavaScript charting library developed by PINT.

Online ROI Calculator Benefits

Besides offering this useful tool for site visitors, Skylight opted to provide an option for users receive PDF version of the report via email. PINT worked with a variety of tools and resources to create this end product. It completes a great user experience for the visitors who use the calculator. It also helps the Skylight team to generate leads.

Project Details

Project type:      Advanced web tool development
Technologies used:      JavaScript, CSS, HTML, (database stuff), etc.

PINT services:

information architecture icondesigndevelopmentdatabase creation
Information Architecture Design Development, CMS deployment, Quality Assurance Database creation and integration

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