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Reframer Review: A Qualitative Research Tool

I’m reviewing Optimal Workshop’s new user research tool, Reframer. This tool has potential to help us glean more (and more meaningful) information from our qualitative research sessions at ...

Carrie Nusbaum
By Carrie Nusbaum
Oct 24th, 2016

4 Key Things About Discovery in the Web Design Process

For many projects, the web design process begins with a formal Discovery phase. The Discovery phase is critical for a successful website redesign. Discovery insights shape the direction of the ...

Alexis Shen
By Alexis Shen
Jul 8th, 2016

Demo Report: NASDAQ Mosaiq

Last week we got wind of a new UX research tool on the scene: NASDAQ Mosaiq. It is an app developed by NASDAQ’s internal product design team. This week, ...

Carrie Nusbaum
By Carrie Nusbaum
May 23rd, 2016

User Interviews for Smarter Web Development

User interviews are foundational to our user-centered research process here at PINT. While there are a range of UX research methods — each appropriate for a specific context — we find interviews ...

Carrie Nusbaum
By Carrie Nusbaum
Feb 5th, 2016

From the Bookshelf: Defensive Design for the Web

There are some cool renovations taking place at PINT. To make way for construction, we were forced to review our bookshelves. Remember books? So do we. But how many of ...

Carrie Nusbaum
By Carrie Nusbaum
Aug 17th, 2015

New UX Tools and Resources

The user experience (UX) space changes pretty quickly. Trends and tools come and go at an almost daily pace. As a result, UX professionals generally appreciate anything that makes it ...

Carrie Nusbaum
By Carrie Nusbaum
Jun 15th, 2015

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