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Attracting investors to your site requires a perfect balance between clutter-free design and quality content. ...

Eleni Walters
By Eleni Walters
Mar 2

Both qualitative and quantitative research play big parts in the user experience research PINT conducts for its human-centered approach to design. ...

Sarah Hibner
By Sarah Hibner
Oct 29

Our three-step guide highlights the fundamental considerations that seem to often get overlooked in online discussions about user feedback. ...

Sarah Hibner
By Sarah Hibner
Feb 25

Testing is a crucial part of any web development and maintenance workflow. Get to know the basics of automated testing with visual regression testing, record and playback testing, and scripting testing. ...

Kirsten Van Langenhoven
By Kirsten Van Langenhoven
Sep 30

User personas are built from research and help designers and marketers create a product or experience that aligns with their users' needs. ...

Annie Devine
By Annie Devine
Jul 30

Learn how to make design decisions from user experience data - both qualitative and quantitative behavioral research. ...

Annie Devine
By Annie Devine
Apr 12

If your current site isn’t meeting needs, should you complete a website redesign or implement continuous improvement? Check out the pros and cons of both. ...

Steffani Bolhofner
By Steffani Bolhofner
Jul 30

Mobile first design focuses on designing for the smallest screen size and slowest browser first then working up from there using progressive enhancement. ...

Julian Dutton
By Julian Dutton
Jul 6

With #BIO2017 coming to a close, I wanted to write a brief post about some things partnering companies could to improve their websites before #BIO2018 in Boston. I had the ...

Charlie Scala
By Charlie Scala
Jun 23

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