Movember - Please Help Our Mos Grow!

Movember – Please Help Our Mos Grow!

By no means a bland accessory, moustaches (or “mustaches” per the AMI) have defined the faces of history. They’re not exactly the mark of a refined gentleman, but rather the mark of a man with something to say, and the gall to say it. Einstein, Dali and Ron Burgundy — need I say more?

Movember – The Moustache Grow-a-thon

Over the past 10 years, The Movember Foundation has reinvigorated the art of moustache growing, and — as if creating hundreds of thousands of spontaneous moustache growers wasn’t enough — has aligned the effort with the great causes like LIVEstrong and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The effort raised over $100 Million dollars last year by turning men’s faces into “walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November.”

Just look at the Google Trend for “moustache” searches over the past five years:

PINTsters Join Forces

Our team decided to join the mo-growing this year, and we are proud to bring to you our one-week old ‘staches! Today I took a quick tour around the office to see what I could find, and was delighted by the Mo-growing going on.

Here’s what team #PINTstache looks like as of Movember 8th:

pintstache-dmitriyDmitriy has the nice painter’s brush ‘stache coming in. Donate to Dmitriy’s Mo:
pintstache-daveLooks like Dave is keeping us in the dark while he decides what type of mo to show (Click to Donate to the Team).
pintstache-andyAndy’s an old pro at this. Classic Chevron stache. (Click to Donate to Team #PINTstache)
pintstache-robRob’s starting to come in, with a strong goatee to accentuate (Click to Donate).
pintstache-milesMiles isn’t showing much mo, but the effort is at least worth 10 bucks!
pintstache-jimmyNice week 1 for Jimmy, just wait ’til next week’s update. (Click to Donate)
pintstache-joeAnother old pro, Joe.
pintstache-nickNick is showing some real promise. Strong mo coming in.
movember8-origYours truly, a bit Zappa-like minus the soul patch. Maybe I should let that fill out. You decide!
pintstache-sanicolaAndrew S shows his photoshopped prototype stache – stay tuned for the real thing!
pintstache-thomasCEO-stache alert! Thomas means business.
pintstache-pm-iaHoly Mo! The 3rd floor folks have it right. From left to right: Serina, Miné, Christopher, Danielle and Michelle.

Please support the cause by visiting our team page and donating to your favorite moustache, or to our whole team! Also please share, tweet and spread the news about #Movember and team #PINTstache!


Team #PINTstache

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