Digital Marketing for Health Kitchen Washoku

Digital Marketing for Health Kitchen Washoku

Project Summary

PINT worked with Health Kitchen Washoku to build its email marketing list from scratch and grow its online presence as a health and wellness resource. Over the course of the project, PINT and Health Kitchen Washoku worked on Search Engine Marketing (SEM), email marketing automation, email newsletters, and social advertising with the following results:

  • SEM campaigns with 7%+ click through rates
  • Email Welcome Series with 26%+ open rates and 10%+ click through rates
  • Monthly Email Newsletters with 18% open rates and 3.7% click through rates
  • Facebook ads that reached almost 70k people and over 7k link clicks

Client Overview

Health Kitchen Washoku is a resource for healthy, Japanese cooking. With its fresh take on traditional Japanese cooking, it offers delicious, nutritious recipes with meals that are good for you, promote good digestion, and target four specific areas of health: blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure, and health & diet.

Client: Health Kitchen Washoku
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Health & Wellness
PINT Services: Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEM
Technology: MailChimp, Hotjar, AdWords, Social Media


As Health Kitchen Washoku was new to the market, it needed to build an audience, particularly its email marketing list and social presence. With a brand new site and social accounts we were starting from scratch.


To build the audience, we designed email marketing and automation campaigns, as well as SEM and social media marketing.

Landing Pages

Before putting marketing dollars into campaigns, we first built landing pages for the campaigns. These topical landing pages included:

  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Pressure
  • Metabolic Syndrome

Each landing page included a featured video recipe, email newsletter sign-up, social proof, and a link to view more recipes.
As the campaigns ran, PINT monitored performance with Hotjar’s heatmapping tool and updated the landing pages to optimize conversions.

SEM with Google AdWords

PINT built an AdWords strategy focusing on the main health concerns that Health Kitchen Washoku addresses with its recipes and created ad groups for Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Metabolic Syndrome.

Each ad group had relevant keywords and ads that let the user know what to expect on the landing page. The conversion goal was for email sign-ups along with additional clicks into the site.

Throughout the campaign’s lifespan, the keywords, ads, and landing pages were all edited and updated to maximize performance.

The top two campaigns with the majority of spend received high CTRs of 7.25% and 7.56% for over a year with average CPCs of $0.10 and $0.11.


Search Engine Marketing through AdWords helped provide substantial traffic to the site as well as a large portion of email sign-ups.

Email Marketing & Automation with MailChimp

Over the past year, the email list has continued to grow with significant increases over the holiday months (November 2017 through January 2018). As the ad spend has stopped, the list growth has levelled off.


Welcome Series Automation

To onboard subscribers and give them a taste of what to expect, PINT planned, designed, and implemented a welcome series that is sent once a subscriber joins the list.


First, is the initial welcome email. It focuses on what Washoku cooking is and how it can improve the user’s health.

Next, the second email in the series highlights the different ways the user can search through the site (health concern, cook time, food type, and key ingredient), and encourages the user to try it out.

Finally, the third email in the series has the three favorite recipes from the user base and encourages the user to start cooking.


This email series did well with Open Rates from 26% – 39.7% and Click Through Rates of 10%+. The campaign is still running and will continue to help interested users find more information on Washoku cooking.

Monthly Email Newsletters

To keep users engaged, Health Kitchen Washoku sent users a monthly email with a cultural fact, seasonal ingredients, and three recipes to try that month. PINT designed and built this email newsletter template to be updated easily and provide flexibility for various content.


The monthly newsletter has a 17.9% open rate with a 3.7% CTR.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Health Kitchen Washoku secured accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but mainly focused efforts on Facebook. PINT helped create content for all three social media accounts, as well as advertising content on Facebook.


PINT managed the Facebook advertising campaigns for boosted posts and traffic/website clicks. Boosted posts did a great job of getting engagement on the Facebook platform, while the traffic campaigns brought new people who were interested in a healthy lifestyle to the website.


Through this digital marketing effort, PINT and Health Kitchen Washoku built targeted landing pages, engaging SEM ads, a strong email marketing audience, and an engaging social presence. These are some of the results associated with PINT’s efforts:

  • SEM campaigns with 7%+ click through rates
  • Email Welcome Series with 26%+ open rates and 10%+ click through rates
  • Monthly Email Newsletters with 18% open rates and a 3.7% click through rates
  • Facebook ads that reached almost 70k people and over 7k link clicks

If your digital marketing could use a boost, let us know. PINT can help you get your email campaigns, SEM, or social advertising on track.

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