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FEMSA Website Redesign: Thirsting for Solutions


FEMSA is a major brewer and beverage distributor headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico. It is the home of major brands such as Sol, Dos Equis, and Tecate. FEMSA approached PINT to develop a site that would:

  • Support multiple locations and languages
  • Focus on the delivery of content to a variety of audience groups
  • Allow for future organizational changes

During our redesign, PINT was able to meet these challenges, and provide additional value.

FEMSA is a large organization: their soft drink division is the largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America, and the second largest in the world. With sales in the billions (US) worldwide, FEMSA’s web presence has a massive global footprint with diverse needs.

Website Redesign Challenges

In particular, their needs included a content management system (CMS) that would support multiple locales and languages, including Spanish, English, and Portuguese and a site structure that would facilitate usage by a variety of visitors, including investors, employees, and customers.

An additional consideration revolved around future organizational concerns, and how individual units such as the Coca-Cola bottling and the OXXO convenience stores could remain distinct in their branding but centralized on the FEMSA site.

PINT Web Development Solutions

A visual redesign of the site helped to communicate the size and breadth of FEMSA’s offerings to investors, and helped improve market position.

Redesign for FEMSA homepage Improving investor relations with redesign

PINT also worked with FEMSA to gather business and functional requirements that led to the decision to use the PINT Web Platform (PWP) CMS. The PWP’s enterprise level content management capabilities (permissions, versioning, preview and more) and multi-site, location and language features made it the best-fit solution for the project. Check out our CMS Selection blog post if you are wondering what goes in to these decisions.

Additionally, PINT made hosting recommendations to enhance the stability, performance and optimization of the site. PINT developed and deployed a consolidated hosting strategy that led to improved delivery and overall infrastructure for FEMSA’s new web presence.

A Redesign That Yields Results

Since FEMSA’s website redesign, they are more easily recognized as a world-class online investor relations presence. The new site architecture and localized content improve usability for customers and clients worldwide. As a result, site goals are more achievable. The new site structure, CMS, and hosting plan have also helped FEMSA realize significant cost savings and quality improvement.

The Improvements Continue…

PINT and FEMSA continue to collaborate on site improvements through a maintenance agreement developed for ongoing post-launch support. As with the success of any website, constant iteration is key in order to take full advantage of what the web has to offer. Further site improvements may include:

  • Addition of responsive design characteristics
  • A/B and multivariate testing on Investor-related downloads
  • Enhancements to design elements throughout the site

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