Jackson Square Aviation Website Redesign

Jackson Square Aviation Website Redesign

PINT, Inc. recently launched a website redesign for Jackson Square Aviation. JSA is a full-service aircraft leasing company with offices around the world. They recently teamed up with their long time web maintenance partners at PINT to refresh their web presence and help with website lead generation.

When beginning their website redesign project, JSA gave PINT the opportunity to work with their team on a discovery. Discovery is a phase where needs are uncovered, preferences are specified, and priorities for development are established. We’ve found discoveries to be useful for delivering projects that meet expectations for deliverables, timelines, and budgets. In this project, discovery involved:

  • Internal stakeholder interviews conducted by phone and at their San Francisco headquarters
  • Keyword research to help inform content suggestions and clarify messaging recommendations
  • Cross-industry and competitive research to incorporate the most effective features in the redesign

website discovery findings report
We presented the findings in a report and presentation to JSA’s key stakeholders. The presentation also included recommendations for revising the site structure. Once JSA approved these recommendations, the redesign project really kicked into gear.

A website about planes, but also people

One thing the team uncovered during the discovery was that the people at JSA really help make the company successful. So we thought, “Why hide the people and the story?” We developed a variety of ways to make the site more about the people, starting with the site structure:

  • We added an “Our team” primary navigation item
    site structure update

  • Developed a timeline to help tell the JSA story
    timeline web content

  • Implemented a tooltip effect on the staff names to show biographical info on hover
    bio webpage tooltips

  • Placed an emphasis on JSA’s prestigious list of customers by including their logos

Selecting imagery for the website redesign

Another need expressed by the stakeholders during the discovery phase was to have more compelling imagery on the site. So during the design phase, PINT’s creative director spent time performing image research to find the airplane photos that best appealed to JSA’s team.

This attention to imagery is especially noticeable on the homepage, where the JSA team is able to showcase its impressive fleet of aircraft, in flight across the hero-image area.

**** jsa homepage design****

Website Security

One interesting feature of this website redesign is the importance JSA’s team placed on security. So PINT’s solutions planned how secure sockets layer (SSL) could be applied to in a way that would:

  • Provide security protections to site pages and forms
  • Comply with Google’s call for more sites to contain SSL
  • Prevent performance losses sometimes associated with SSL

Then during the implementation phase, the PINT production team executed this plan across the site (as you can see below).
https secure site with SSL

SSL is a topic we’ve blogged about recently, and find growing interest in among our clients. Even for sites with no eCommerce component, preventing data from passing through can help shore up potential vulnerabilities.

Ready for take off

Baggage is stowed, tray tables are up, and JSA is ready to reap the rewards of their website redesign. Site traffic is increasing and additional iterations and testing are on the horizon.

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