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Mirati Therapeutics Website Redesign


PINT recently launched a website redesign for Mirati Therapeutics, a San Diego biotech firm specializing in precision personalized medicine for the treatment of cancer. This project is a prime example of PINT’s  “research, strategize, and execute” process. The project began with a brief discovery phase, moved into design and implementation, and is now ready for continuous improvements over time. The journey through this process proved to be an excellent exercise in teamwork between PINT, Mirati, and their communications firm.

Not just another website redesign

Mirati means targeted

By virtue of their company name, Mirati’s website redesign project would have some depth. That is because Mirati has two levels of meaning: it is the name of their organization, but the word also means “targeted” in Italian.

mirati team
At meetings about the redesign project, the Mirati team spoke about their work finding the driver mutations that are responsible for cancer progression. They are excited about developing drugs and expressed all of this with genuine passion. It was clear to the PINT team that everyone at Mirati, from the CEO down, is committed to saving lives one at a time.

Animation without agitation

The Mirati team really wanted to direct the visitor’s attention on the homepage. But they also didn’t want to include over-the-top animations that could detract from their life-changing advancements. PINT provided a solution in understated, yet effective text animation.

mirati homepage animation
This animation is created using light-weight JavaScript, so it loads quickly and is visible to visitors coming to on a mobile device.

Responsive website redesign

The JavaScript animation was not the only way visitors on mobile devices were considered during the redesign process. Responsive web design (RWD) was also factored into the design and implementation phases. This ensures a graceful scaling-down of the site to be viewed on smaller screens.

mirati responsive web design
In this case, the responsive version of the site includes the top messaging, and then prioritizes the paths of entry to the site over the larger imagery of the desktop version of the homepage.

Give users style and good UX

Mirati’s team also desired a bold design for the homepage, but worried that a bold design might detract when trying to convey more technical and scientific details. To accommodate this concern, PINT’s design team developed a flow for subpages and content pages that does two things:

  1. It draws the visitor deeper into the site by presenting big ideas first, and allowing the visitor to drill down into the content that interests them most.
  2. It tones down the color palette and bring the visitor’s focus from bold headlines and images down to more granular text and information.

homepage, subpage, and content page designs

Redesigning a site with multiple stakeholder groups

The ingredients for a successful redesign effort include:

  • Working with like-minded individuals
  • Conveying the shared vision
  • Developing strong messaging and engaging visuals that satisfy everyone

This project had those ingredients and was truly the paradigm for a website redesign project.  The project included strong and thoughtful messaging as well as new content that better conveyed the Mirati story. The same was true for the modern designs and creative elements by the PINT team, along with integrating updated and uplifting images throughout.

Additionally, PINT worked with the NASDAQ team. This collaboration was an effort to ensure the templates PINT designed and cut up for the IR section (managed by NASDAQ), mirrored the look-and-feel of the rest of the website.

Collaboration between stakeholders and the creative teams involved led to a successful and well-organized project launch.

Website redesign results

The big deliverable is a website experience that better tells the Mirati story through design and well-organized information.

mirati website redesign

In addition to the major revamp for the top message, key entry points into the site are also more prominent now. Our Approach, Product Pipeline, Clinical Trials, and Our Team are now front and center, clearly telling visitors these are the top places to go next.

**** featured areas in new website design****

Traffic to these key places has increased with the addition of these direct paths for users.


The PINT team was inspired by Mirati’s passion for treating patients individually, in a very targeted way. Now that the Mirati website redesign is live and helping to tell the Mirati story, it is moving into a phase of constant improvement and iteration. Such updates are based on evolving web technology and will be tailored to target audience behaviors. Changes may include:

  • Content updates
  • Positioning of key elements and CTAs
  • Advanced analytics
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Stay tuned to hear more about what is in store for Have we got your creative-wheels spinning? Email us to schedule a complimentary, digital-creative consultation:

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