Omnicell Website Redesign

Omnicell Website Redesign

PINT recently launched a website redesign for Omnicell, Inc. Omnicell is a San Francisco bay-area healthcare firm specializing in improving the medication and hospital supply distribution process. As long time partners, PINT and Omnicell have been working together for years to use the web to tell Omnicell’s potential customers about the value the company brings to organizations with which it works. This redesign was an opportunity to bring one of Omnicell’s biggest developments, Unity, to the forefront of their web presence.

Redesigning a website for Unity

Unity is central pharmacy automation system. The purpose of these systems is to:

  • Help pharmacy staff increase efficiency
  • Prevent medication errors
  • Provide documentation for regulatory compliance

The Unity platform is different than other systems in that it uses a single database across Omnicell medication and supply automation deployed in many places around a hospital, including the central pharmacy, operating rooms, nursing units, and the bedside.

The system is so powerful and has so many benefits, the Omnicell team wanted to make Unity the main story on the homepage. So they teamed up with PINT to redesign the site to tell this story.

Modern storytelling and user experience UX

In order to give the Omnicell homepage a story-centric flow, PINT’s design team used a longer scrolling page to give visitors an opportunity to take in the benefits visually.

long scrolling homepage in website redesign

The redesign also provided an opportunity to add visual hierarchy on homepage. Comparing the current homepage to the previous design, it is more obvious to visitors that Omnicell would like them to move down the page, rather than choose one of many options.

2013 homepage web design

This is a departure from fitting things near or “above the fold,” as you can see in the 2013 design.

Making Unity a centerpiece on the homepage is only one aspect of how Omnicell is bringing the product to their customers. They also worked with PINT on a videogame to promote Unity at trade shows.

Accommodating visitors on mobile devices### CSS and JavaScript development

The new homepage animation also helps to draw the user through the story flow.

javascript animation from omnicell website redesign

The animation is achieved by using images, CSS, and JavaScript. This technique makes the animation visible for visitors on a variety of browsers. A Flash-based animation would not be seen by visitors on many mobile devices.

Responsive web design

The new design also incorporates responsive web design (RWD) to ensure a better user experience for visitors on phones and tablets.

website redesign mobile screenshot

Incorporating RWD into the design phase ensured that key elements such as calls to action (CTAs) are easy to use on mobile. In the example above, the “Find Out” button is positioned and sized to be clicked by users who are clicking with a finger instead of a mouse.

Subpage UX

The new styling for main subpages gives users the ability to drilldown, and choose the level of detail they want to get.

redesign web page for products section

This new design is intended to give users an overview of the products, with the ability to click into specific products for more detailed information.

Product page design

Once the user has elected to get the most detail, they have arrived at the individual product page. These are updated from the previous design in that it moves the secondary navigation to the right side of the page.

redesigned product web page

This helps to focus the user’s attention on the product at hand, rather than the navigational aid of where they stand in the site. If we know users view web pages from left to right and top to bottom, the prime visual real estate previously taken up by the secondary nav is now replaced with the product Omnicell really wants users to see.

SiteCore update

In the time following this website redesign, Omnicell’s CMS (Content Management System), Sitecore, launched Version 8. This update promises an improved user-interface and various bug fixes. As part of our post-launch support, PINT is working to upgrade the Sitecore platform for the Omnicell team, with various improvements and functionality enhancements including:

  • Analytics dashboard with behavioral and segmentation reporting
  • Updated Sitecore user interface
  • Content testing feature

Website redesign results

Since the website redesign went live, the Omnicell site has seen some significant improvements in user analytics, including double digit increase in percentage of page views for key pages on the site.


PINT’s previous redesign for Omnicell was in 2011. At that time, it utilized the best tools and resources the web had to offer. This 2015 redesign shows the “repeat” part of the PINT web development process. The latest version showcases a refined focus on brand-specific messaging, targeting Omnicell’s key demographics. It takes advantage of the changes in web technology and better meets the evolving expectations of web users.

With this heightened emphasis on post-launch support, analytics and testing, the website will continue to evolve and improve over time. The PINT team will continue to monitor overall performance and enhance the site’s effectiveness.

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