PINT Project Launch - OnCall Website Redesign

PINT Project Launch – OnCall Website Redesign

oncall website redesign homepage
The PINT team creates and builds websites that exceed client requirements and delight end users with our “research, strategize, and execute” process. These phases of the OnCall Staffing Solutions, Inc. website redesign project are complete. The project is now in a phase of constant improvement and iteration. Such updates are based on evolving web technology and target audience behaviors. Changes may include content updates, element positioning, and more.

PINT combines services into one dynamic site

OnCall was ready to redesign their multiple sites into one portal of entry for all their users. They were serving up very similar versions of the site to job seekers in different industries.


A central site that could appeal to users from all industry verticals would help streamline operations. The new site accommodates all these users as they sign up for temporary job placement with OnCall, as well as track their time (through a comprehensive API integration).

Technical advancements behind the scenes

Previously, forms had to be submitted manually. But during the course of this website redesign, PINT took this entire business process online. Now forms are submitted securely through the site using Docusign. Permission settings allow the appropriate staff to approve forms and move them along in the process.

signing confirmation screen with docusign integration

signatures page with docusign integration

Additionally, users can submit more of their updated information online, as well. This expands the usability of OnCall to be a 24/7 resource for users.

employee banking update screen

Visual design update

The new homepage highlights the search function, as well as persona-specific calls to action (CTAs). During the Information Architecture phase of the project, the most sought-after information was identified. Then the team ensured these items were made more prominent on the new homepage design.

calls to action on website redesign

Image sourcing was a key part of the visual design update, too. Professional imagery that reflected a California lifestyle was very important to the OnCall team. So PINT’s creative team spent time finding images for the homepage that utilized California landmarks and aligned with the company’s style vision.

OnCall Project Details


Project type: Website redesign and technical upgrades

Technologies used: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Database setup, Time tracking and form signature integrations

PINT services:

information architecture icon  design development database creation
Information Architecture Design Development, CMS deployment, Quality Assurance Database creation and integrations

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