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Website Development for a Unique Product


PURE Bioscience, Inc. is a San Diego County company that is developing and commercializing proprietary antimicrobial products. These products solve the challenges of pathogen and hygienic control in a unique way: Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC). SDC is a broad-spectrum, non-toxic antimicrobial agent that can be used in in food service, healthcare, and even home applications.

Recently, the PURE team decided to concentrate their efforts in the foodservice industry. They reached out to PINT, Inc. to help them reorganize and style their website for this new direction.

Redesign Discovery

PINT began the project by working with the PURE team on a research and strategy phases, also known as Discovery. During this phase, several activities took place.

  • PINT’s Information Architect interviewed key PURE stakeholders about their: - Business goals for the redesign
  • Website design preferences
  • Customer demographics and details
  • Competitors
  • Content management system (CMS) needs and requirements were set and a solution selected
  • Content and messaging were briefly discussed
  • A new site structure was developed and agreed upon
  • Wireframes for the homepage and key landing pages were generated

The results of this phase could be seen before PINT’s design team took over.

New navigation

PINT’s Information Architect laid out a new navigational structure for the site that provided several clear paths for PURE’s unique user groups. In addition, this structure eliminated the need for a left hand navigation on every page.

Homepage elements

During the Discovery, homepage elements were also agreed upon. Key updates included stock information, a search box, and other key content areas:

  • A carousel for the most important calls to action (CTAs)
  • Call out areas for market segments
  • News releases to show the product is actively sold and supported

Website Development

Based on the recommendations generated during the Discovery, PINT’s design team set to work updating the visuals on the site. The PURE team expressed some gratitude for the guidance and direction provided during Discovery and Visual Design:

“PINT has been fantastic and I really appreciate the process your team has, from start to finish. The design team clearly got where we wanted to go very early on.”

Dolana Blunt
Director, Regulatory Affairs/Microbiology/Quality Systems, PURE BioScience, Inc.

The Homepage

The previous site design featured a splash page that did not serve user experience or SEO (search engine optimization) goals.
splash page

Now when users visit they see a traditional homepage, with a carousel for three items in the hero area to promote specific items.

This design also takes the new navigation into account and highlights key areas discussed during the Discovery. And since the new site is built into a CMS (content management system), the news release section will bring a freshness to the homepage, as it will be updated automatically when press releases are added by PURE staff behind the scenes. In addition, the mega footer helps orient users familiar with the previous site design to find specific pages.

Beyond visual updates, the Implementation phase saw the site move into the PWP (PINT Web Platform) CMS. This provided the PURE team with the ability to add and edit content themselves, within the the structure and theme established by PINT. This CMS was selected because it offered the ease of use of an open source option, with flexibility and extensibility of an enterprise solution. This flexibility was required since PURE’s content required some custom editing capabilities.

Custom Modules

Investor Relations
There are three modules for managing content types in the investor relations section alone. With special modules, the PURE team can manage:

  • Events
  • Presentation files
  • Outbound links and PDFs
  • Text news releases

Media Room
In the media section, the PURE team can manage news releases, and they will dynamically update the news release section on the homepage.

The “About” Section

The design team also tackled a new look for the About section.

The previous page layout was heavy on text and required users to read quite closely.

The new design creates some breathing room and features a pull quote with one of PURE’s taglines. It also showcases a theme used on each page design: a greater emphasis on scientific and product imagery.

This design also eliminates the left hand navigation, and places two related links to the right of the text for users who would like to drill down into more detailed information about the company. And the client seems pleased:

“The site is now ‘clean, fresh, bright, and modern’ and showcases that we are specialists in the food services and food processing industries without alienating our other key customer bases.”

Empowering the PURE Team

After the initial review of the content and modules, Dolana on the PURE team was very energized to get in and perform content population herself. The process is simple, which is precisely what the client wanted. A robust CMS is perfect for a client who is empowered to take ownership of some of the website management process — adding their own content and making edits.

editing_capabilities news_release_edit text_edits

During CMS training, PINT facilitated the best ways for the PURE team to have a workflow for posting content, editing items, and publishing. In addition, PINT developers shared some extra documentation on commonly used HTML tags since the client was particularly interested in some of the more technical aspects of using the CMS. However, the PINT team did the heavy lifting for particularly technical tasks.

Iterate and Improve

The PURE team preferred to push the website live sooner rather than later, with the understanding iterations would be ongoing as they begin to collect user analytics. Items for consideration include:

  • Additional navigational improvements to some of the subpages
  • Further emphasis to some important calls to action
  • Tweak some of the imagery and styling changes the PURE team wanted to originally try and handle internally but are better suited for the PINT design experts.

“The nice part is that now that our site is in the PWP Content Management System, we can still add press releases and other dynamic content to the site ourselves but also give the PINT team a call when there are more complex items to tackle.”

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