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Multi-Language Support & DevOps for Aviva Systems Biology

Natasha Lasensky

PINT provided a Simplified Chinese version of the Aviva Systems Biology website that allowed for specific, scientific descriptions to remain in English. In addition, we created a DevOps workflow using GitLab to allow for a more seamless website and server updates from development environments using continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Aviva Systems Biology develops and supplies antibodies for research and diagnostic applications. Aviva offers over 7,000 antibodies, with 17,000 in development. Many of these antibodies are unique to Aviva and not available elsewhere. PINT and Aviva have partnered on their web presence since 2010.

Client: Aviva Systems Biology
Location: San Diego, CA
Industry: Biotechnology
PINT Services: Full-stack development, quality assurance, DevOps consulting, and DevOps Implementation
Technology: Magento 1.9, GitLab, PHP, JavaScript

Image of the Aviva Systems Bio website with Simplified Chinese menu items.


Aviva Systems Biology needed technical help implementing a Simplified Chinese language pack on Magento version 1.9, but was worried about the implications on performance and speed. To ensure a good user experience, Aviva needed the product information to remain in English because Chinese speakers are used to reading scientific terms in English.

Lastly, Aviva Systems Biology needed a defined site change process with a clear way to roll back website changes and safely deploy tested changes with a DevOps workflow.


PINT’s development team provisioned Aviva Systems Biology’s CMS, Magento version 1.9, to support multiple languages, specifically English (U.S.) and Simplified Chinese. We ensured that the addition of the Simplified Chinese language did not have implications for on-page load times.

In order to customize the Simplified Chinese version to allow for a mix of English (U.S.) and Simplified Chinese, we flagged the menus and product labels to be translated. In addition, we flagged product information to remain in English (U.S.) and not be translated into Simplified Chinese so that scientific terms remained in the preferred language of Chinese readers.

To ensure the Aviva team was empowered to update their site, we provided training on how to update products on the website for both English and Simplified Chinese and created custom documentation and instructions for Aviva Systems Biology.

Lastly, we set up continuous integration (on-demand merging of code) and continuous deployment (on-demand deployment of code) as part of the DevOps deliverable. We also provided documentation and instructions for using GitLab.


Chinese speaking website visitors can now use the language drop-down at the top of to change the language from English to Simplified Chinese to allow for easier navigation of Aviva Systems Biology products.

Since implementation, the language drop-down has been used over 1,600 times. Plus, traffic to the Simplified Chinese version of the site has had a 384% increase in pageviews and a 639% increase in users.

The DevOps process for website and server updates is now versioned, making it a seamless process with less risk of affecting the live site with unwanted changes.

If you need to expand your language offerings to provide a better user experience, PINT can help.

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