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June 2018 PINT Appreciation Event

PINT held its third appreciation event on June 7, 2018, at Smokeyard. The PINT appreciation event lets us spend quality time with our clients. ...

Jun 11th / By Steffani Bolhofner

2nd Annual PINT Client Appreciation Event

Here at PINT, we love our clients. Every day, we get to work on a diverse set of projects for unique, cutting-edge clients. Once a year, we like to show ...

Nov 16th / By Steffani Bolhofner

Merry Making at PINT

This year, PINT staff have had several opportunities to celebrate the holidays with one another. Here are some of the ways we’re making merry at the end of 2016. ...

Dec 21st / By PINT Team

Adapting to SaaS Tools in the Workplace

When I started working at PINT, I had to adapt to using new technology in my daily tasks. Continue reading to explore some of the SaaS (Software as a Service) ...

Dec 8th / By Julian Dutton

Client Appreciation at PINT

One of our goals at PINT this year has been to ensure best-in-class client service. This effort was punctuated with a client appreciation event last week. Here’s how it ...

Nov 10th / By PINT Team

About Last Friday’s Internet Outage

On Friday, October 21, 2016, some of the world’s most popular websites and many many others became inaccessible. The cause of this outage was a DDoS (distributed denial of ...

Oct 26th / By PINT Team

6 Considerations for Life Science Websites

Designing the your first life science website for your company? Redesigning your site for the umpteenth time? Whether your site is new or old, here are six things you should ...

Oct 18th / By PINT Team

Change is in the Air… on the Web

Change is in the air, and it’s a good thing. The Internet is getting better. Recent standards upgrades by Google and browsers are making the web a more secure ...

Oct 10th / By Charlie Scala

Major Update to PINT's Web CMS

Did you know PINT actively develops a proprietary Web Content Management System (CMS)? It is called the PWP, or PINT Web Platform. We began developing the first version over 13 ...

Sep 13th / By Josh Lopez

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