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SteadyMed Therapeutics Progressive Web App

by | February 13th, 2018

PINT worked with SteadyMed Therapeutics, Inc. to redesign and refactor its site as a Progressive Web App with a more prominent focus on its primary offerings. SteadyMed is a specialty pharmaceuticals company developing drug product candidates for the treatment of diseases, such as Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). SteadyMed maintains an active community presence, serving as […]

HST App Refresh: HSTConnect

by | January 30th, 2018

PINT completed an app refresh for HSTConnect which provides HST’s clients with 24/7 access to pricing information for healthcare services along with key health plan information. The app is available for iOS and Android and now fits the latest screen sizes. HST works to reduce healthcare claims costs for Health Plans, TPAs, Trust Funds, Stop […]

Marshall Institute Redesign & Arlo Integration

by | January 25th, 2018

Marshall Institute came to PINT in need of a website redesign that would effectively communicate a newly established brand identity. In the process, PINT discovered that Marshall Institute had an opportunity to vastly improve business logistics using third party software to manage the business’s events and seminars. PINT’s expertise in both web development and software […]

Marshall Institute Technical Discovery

by | January 23rd, 2018

Marshall and PINT worked together to identify all of the pieces in its digital ecosystem, determine each platform’s purpose, and find a solution to unify these processes. Marshall Institute is an asset management consulting and training company dedicated to helping companies improve the maintenance contribution to their organizational performance.

2018 Web Trends: Forecasting from 2017 Projects

by | January 11th, 2018

Notable Changes Across the Web Over the course of 2017, PINT’s web team engaged in several different types of projects, from website redesigns to software and file sharing integrations. In 2018, PINT plans to continue improving our clients’ businesses based on the web trend data we’ve gathered throughout the industry over the past year.

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